Funeral cost. How much?

I was looking through some family history papers and came across an old invoice for a funeral held in 1918.  A local joiner and builder called George Oldham arranged the funeral.  He made the coffin, prepared the body, provided the hearse and coaches.  In addition, he arranged to pay for a new grave and paid the […]

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Memories Light the Corners of my Mind

Memories We all possess items that are important to us. Watches, jewellery, ornaments and the list goes on. Attached to each of our possessions are personal memories and sentiments, which are, more often than not, hidden away. We can make these objects reveal their secrets by writing down stories behind them. How often have you […]

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Funeral Wishes: Keeping a Secret

There was an article in a recent edition of the Guardian by Leo Benedictus ( ) in which he movingly discusses why some people choose to hide their terminal illness from others.  The article highlights how Hay Tarn’s thoughtful and considerate Notebook of Funeral Wishes may be used to good effect. It strikes me that it takes […]

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