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The exclusive design of the Notebook of Funeral Wishes will help you to create a discreet record of your preferences and wishes for your funeral.  It is a personalised booklet sympathetically prepared with relevant questions relating to funeral preparations.  The Notebook is designed to help your next of kin arrange your funeral at a time of great sadness and when they will be searching for answers.

The Notebook was prepared by Hay Tarn Willwriting Services Limited in response to clients asking for a less formal but more detailed way to document their funeral wishes rather than the 'brief' statement recorded in their Will.  Although the Will is a legal document (once the Grant of Probate is awarded), funeral wishes drafted into into it are not legally binding.  Moreover, if the Will is not found until after the funeral has taken place, it is obviously too late for the next of kin to act upon the funeral wishes it contains.  From a practical point of view, there is insufficient space in a Will for the fine detail of funeral arrangements.

In most cases the next of kin organises the funeral.  They take the responsibility for making important decisions from the choice of funeral director to suggesting a suitable memorial.  Making these decisions without the prior knowledge of the deceased's preferences is likely to lead to disagreement in attempting to 'do the right thing.'

The Notebook of Funeral Wishes is designed for you to address these issues, confidentially and in your own time. Once the Notebook is completed your family will know what to do and they will understand your choice of preferences and wishes at a time when their personal emotions will be running high and they seeking your guidance.

You will find each section carefully and simply creates a plan which your family can follow in the knowledge that they have your blessing and it help them to avoid making wrong decisions, forgetting the importance of your personal thoughts and feelings, or not making any decisions at all.


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